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Vinyl flooring is ideal to be placed in various rooms throughout the home, its hard wearing and durable properties allow this vinyl flooring to withstand high levels of footfall. Water resistant and R10 slip resistant, this cushion vinyl floors can even be laid in wet areas of the home such as bathrooms without a worry.

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  • Gripstar Vinyl

    Available colors:

    • Wear Layer 0.18mm
    • Backing Foam
    • Slip Resistant R10 Slip Resistant.

    per m2

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Vinyl Flooring

What to expect from Vinyl:

A wide selection of flooring

Flooring to suit all budgets

Products of exceptional quality

Multitude of widths to minimise any waste

A wide variety of colours and shadesWith a huge range of modern and traditional designs and patterns that you'll love.

Available in R10 and R11 non-slip ratings for added safety.

About Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has hard wearing top layers giving you a lasting floor.Vinyl floors look stunning, but they’re matched with practical features too.

Thanks to insulated backing features the floors will feel warm underfoot. This means your rooms will feel inviting and you’ll save energy.

Unlike tiles and wood these products will absorb sounds. This turns offices into more practical areas to keep focus and have meetings.

So, you can get the look and ease of cleaning expected from a hard floor without the noise and cold feet hard floors create.